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Bleach Soi Fon Fighting Cosplay Costume

Product Number 13235
Included Items Dress, wristguard, belt
Size Available in women size S, M, L, XL, and Custom-made size
Shipping Click here for Shipping and Return Policies.
Material Uniform cloth
Care Instructions Handwash in cold water. Line dry.
Return Eligible Yes
Available Internationally Yes

Bleach Soi Fon Fighting Cosplay Costume

Soi Fon cosplay can be easily and excellently done since you find this Bleach costume. It’s comfortable and faithful to what anime showed to you. Being sold on $41.39, you can save 50% if ordering now!

1. Jacket: it’s a backless jacket, being strictly designed and carefully sewn. It’s comfortable due to the classy cotton cloth. The jacket is 62cm long on size S. At the hem, it’s about 37cm wide. White collar is designed on it.

2. Hakama: being 99cm long, its waistline is 38cm wide at the back and 26cm wide at the front. Four strings are sewn on the hakama. Two are on the front and another two are designed on the back. The front pair is 73cm long and the back pair is 114cm long. It’s 42cm long from the crotch to the hem of trousers. There is a split above each pocket, being 41cm long. White cotton is designed inside the pockets. Both pockets are at least 20cm deep.

3. Sash: it’s a golden sash, made from high-quality satin. It’s 296cm long and 18cm wide.

4. Wrist Guard: a pair of wrist guards is offered together with the costume, being 37cm long and about 11cm wide.



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